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Tarangire Nationalpark
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Our philosophy

We feel a deep passion for this beautiful country with its diverse landscapes and facets and its rich animal and plant diversity. It is our heart’s desire to share this passion with our customers. In addition to impressive landscapes and exciting animal observations, it is also important to us to enable authentic encounters with the indigenous peoples of Tanzania. In Tanzania alone there are numerous ethnic groups with over 125 languages and different customs and rituals. It is important to us to offer our clients the opportunity for individual, unforgettable impressions and memories with the best possible service off the beaten track. For this reason we regularly visit different regions of Tanzania, always looking for new destinations and activities. The accommodation we offer, recommend and carefully select, we visit almost exclusively personally and regularly to convince ourselves of the quality of the hotels, lodges and camps.

Social commitment
We support various orphanages and social institutions in Tanzania with heart and with conviction. These are NGO organisations (non-governmental organisations), which offer a home to many children and are dependent on help and donations. We regularly visit these lovingly run institutions and pass on 1% of our income to these institutions. Visits to the orphanages can be organized by us.

Ngorongoro Krater - Kitela Lodge
Orphange NGO
Faridu Silayo

Juma Silayo

Management / Tour guide / Safari advice and planning

Born and raised in a small village in the Pare Mountains of Tanzania, I grew up with a deep connection and interest in the unique ecosystem of my beloved home country. After graduating from college, I completed a solid education with a degree as a licensed guide with a diploma in German language at the Mount Meru Tour Guiding School in Arusha, one of the leading guiding schools in Tanzania. It is the love and pride in my home country, with its different peoples, cultures, nature and animal wealth, that makes me want to bring this country closer to other people. To spend time in the wilderness is my deep passion to this day. For this reason I personally lead as many safaris as possible and enjoy every minute of it. To share my knowledge and to give you an unforgettable safari experience is my highest goal and heart’s desire.